Accelerate your journey to becoming a NASM certified personal trainer and start changing lives in 8 short weeks!

High Performance Elite has partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to offer a unique opportunity to help aspiring fitness professionals and performance coaches prepare for the NASM CPT certification exam while gaining hands-on coaching and training experience. 

The NASM Personal Training Certification Program is a 8-week program that provides students with all the resources, coaching, and guidance necessary to pass the NASM CPT exam and thrive in the industry as a certified personal trainer.  

To best help aspiring trainers and coaches live their dream, we offer two convenient and affordable paths to certification that includes the Exam Prep Mentorship Program (an online mentor-guided study) and our Hybrid (In-person and online) Personal Training Certification Program (High Performance Elite - Marietta, Georgia).

Both pathways are structured to have you exam ready in just 8 weeks, and with online, in-person, and virtual options, you can join us from anywhere! 

Next 8-Week Live Program: Coming March 2024

What Others are Saying...

Morgan S.

Exercise Physiologist

"Aaron did an amazing job prepping me for my NASM CPT...The course allowed me to implement what I was learning in my classes into real life scenarios and gave me experience that allowed me to practice what I needed for the exam and my jobs".

Tamlen D.


"I am extremely grateful to Aaron High. Opportunities to learn from the best don't come often, so I took it as soon as I was able. I was a basic gym rat before the course, but after I had the confidence to help my friends, family, and eventually clients of my own achieve their fitness goals. I highly recommend this course."

Cameron M.


The NASM prep course made learning how to be a personal trainer much easier and far more enjoyable than just studying by myself. Having an experienced and accomplished trainer like Aaron teach the course, made the process just that much more enjoyable, and everything easier to understand" Now that I am a personal trainer, I know that wouldn't have been nearly as prepared without this prep course".

Kyle C.

Rehab Technician

"The NASM Prep Course taught me how to train and write programs for clients that want to achieve their own goals. What I took from this course allowed me to feel comfortable training clients new to working out".

Choose Your Pathway to Success

Regardless of where you are on your journey, our program options are created to fit within your busy schedule, while still providing you with everything you need to pass the exam and excel in the industry. See which option best fits you!

  • HP Elite Personal Training Certification Program

    The HP Elite Personal Training Certification Program is a hybrid program (w/an all virtual option) that includes the NASM Exam Prep Mentorship, NASM CPT Premium Study Exam Bundle (w/free exam retake), and the Live Skills Training Immersion Workshop Series which takes place at High Performance Elite in Marietta, GA. Participants can attend the workshops in-person or via live stream.

  • NASM Exam Prep Mentorship - Only

    The Exam Prep Mentorship is a self-paced study program and includes On-Demand study resources, mentor support, and accountability. This program is an ongoing/open enrollment program that can be joined at anytime. (Does not include NASM CPT Exam Bundle).

Interested in only attending our Live Training Workshops?

Master your Coaching and Personal Training skills by attending our next Live Workshop Series where we review all of the practical coaching and training skills you need to be an Elite Personal Trainer. Choose the Live Workshops Series Only option at checkout!

Enrollment Option 1: HP Elite Personal Training Certification Program

Lay The Foundation To Become An Elite Level Coach and Trainer.

What You'll Get From The HP Elite Personal Training Certification Program.

Elevate Yourself To the Next Level. Gain The Practical Skills You Need To Set Yourself Apart As an Elite Level Trainer.

  • 8-weeks of instructor-led blended learning (100% Virtual Option Available)

  • All NASM Exam Prep Mentorship features and resources included (See Details Below)

  • Live Workshop Series: Hands-on skills training and coaching immersion for learning assessments, exercise technique, coaching and cueing, and program design.

  • NASM Premium Study CPT Bundle (Includes Exam and NASM online content)

  • Free exam retake

  • Physical NASM CPT Textbook

  • Weekly Live Review and Q&A Sessions

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching & Accountability Check-Ins

  • Shadowing Sessions with Experienced Coaches

  • Practice Coaching/Training Sessions For Skill Development

Accountability and Support

True mentorship requires accountability and support to help you reach your goals

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Check-Ins

    The weekly check-ins will provide you the accountability you need to get to the next level and overcome the challenges you would normally face when trying to succeed alone.

  • Live Review and Q&A Sessions

    Just like being in the classroom or working with a mentor, the live review and Q&A sessions are your opportunity to get clarity, ask questions, and get the answers you need right then and there. Each session will review relevant content for passing the exam.

  • Private Mentorship Group

    Receive ongoing coaching support through the private mentorship group where you can connect with mentor(s), peers, share study strategies, and exchange ideas. This group provides you with daily support and encouragement.

Enrollment Option 2: NASM Exam Prep Mentorship

Become Exam Ready In The Least Amount of Time Possible.

What You'll Get From The Exam Prep Mentorship

This mentorship provides everything you need to pass the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Exam with confidence!

  • Self-paced online program for easy and convenient learning

  • Chapter-by-Chapter PowerPoint Lectures with downloadable PDFs

  • Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track and accountable

  • Exam Prep Manual for easy review and note taking

  • Strategic Success Planner to organize your study time and pass the exam in 8 weeks

  • Exercise Technique Tutorials to learn effect cues for foundational movement patterns

  • Business Kickstart Workbook to help you create a clear and concise plan for your fitness business

  • Full year of access to all program resources and review sessions

  • Direct email support and guidance from your instructor

Program Overview

Over the course of 8 modules we will cover everything you need to know to pass the exam and lay the foundation to become an Elite level coach and trainer.



Aaron High M.S., MPA, CSCS

Aaron has been in health, fitness, and performance industry for over 10 years, and has had the privilege of working with a diverse group of people from elite level athletes to people with chronic conditions and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Throughout his career he has overseen or consulted for high school and collegiate strength and conditioning programs, corporate wellness, and university fitness and wellness programs. As a mentor, Aaron has mentored over 100 aspiring health, fitness, and performance professionals, many of whom have gone on to do great things in the health and human performance industry as personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, dieticians, health coaches, physician assistants, occupational therapists, and business owners. Aaron holds an undergrad degree in Health and Human Performance, a Masters degree in Public Administration, and a Masters degree in Kinesiology.

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